Iphone tracking

Do You Need to Hack/Track or Spy iPhone or iPad?

How Do You Hack/Track or Spy on iPhone or iPad?

Easy, there is really just one solution for you – is a tiny app which allows you to monitor any or specified activity on a smart phone.

Usually, all the activity logs are delivered to your personal online account, where you check them remotely any time you want, even if the phone itself is half a world away from you. Sounds easy, right?

Just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Buy & Download mSpy App

Step 2: Install the software on the phone you wish to track.

Step 3: Login to your online account and check all activities on the target device.

Track iPhones without physical access

You don’t always need physical access to the iPhone you wish to track.
Only what You need is - mSpy no-Jailbreak app.

What Can Cell Phone Spy Software do?

Virtually anything you can imagine:

  • Monitoring all Text messages (SMS, Email etc)
  • Checking on any online chats (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Snapchat etc.)
  • Capturing Internet activity and Browser History
  • Tracking GPS locations in near-real time
  • Transferring any Media info (Photos, Videos etc)
  • Monitoring Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram etc)
  • Controlling/blocking the phone remotely
  • Manage Calls
  • Read E-mails
  • Keylogger
  • and more, and more, and more! See All features

There is no point to list everything, that is possible with spy applications, such as mSpy and the likes – I’m sure even at the time your read this, the list is already outdated and there are many more features available.

Get software Right Now!

Video Guide - Instalation

Installation on iOS Device

Is Cell Phone Spy Software a Scam?

I’ll teach you how to avoid being scammed when choosing the right spying software. Your are obviously being scammed when the software:

  • Requires only a phone number to start spying on the cell phone (100% scam)
  • Ridiculously cheap and requires a one-time fee only (99% scam)
  • Accepts only PayPal payments (90% scam)

Avoid any of those and you’ll be fine. Remember, only mSpy allows for proper tracking of a smart phone without physical access, but this option is only available for iPhones and you will need to know the iCloud credentials for the phone you intend to track.

What is the Best Cell Phone Spy Software?

There are dozens of spy software applications in the market today: mSpy, FlexiSpy, Highster, SpyEra, TheOneSpy, Mobile Spy and so on. Most of them are pretty much the same, offering a similar set of features (when one releases new feature, the others usually copy it pretty quickly). But while they all seem similar to each other, the main distinction is quality – that’s what you need to pay attention to. I’ve tested nearly all solution one can get on the internet, and here is why I’m singling out mSpy fiercely:

  • + best application performance in class: most regular and reliable logs delivery
  • + most frequent automatic application updates with new features
  • + the only one with 24/7 Multilanguage support via Phone, Chat and Email
  • + the only one offering remote installation assistance
  • + the only one with reliable iPhone tracking without jailbreak or even Physical access
  • + Reasonably priced

MySpyApp is very powerful and useful cell phone monitoring app. Ideally suited to monitor your children, employees or loved ones, MySpyApp is one of the most advanced cell phone tracking and monitoring software used to confidentially record text messages or track call information from a specified mobile device.



  1. Jane Doe

    I’ve been just looking for what app to pick – didnt realize there are so many. Thanks for the tips, I’ll take a closer look at mSpy now.

  2. Jane Doe

    You’re welcome, mate! Don’t forget to leave your feedback for others to read.

  3. Jane Doe

    You seem to be focused just on one product – mSpy. Why? While there are tons of others, some of them offer unique features, like call recordings and call interception. Why aren’t those products your "best choice"?

  4. Jane Doe

    Thank you for your question, Tom. One thing that most cell phone service providers won’t tell you is that call recordings, call interception and live listening are either useless (because they don’t work properly) or they don’t work at all (which is common on most modern devices). Plus, mind that these features are not available for iPhones, yet they allow the developers to skyrocket the product prices. mSpy had those features too, but unlike other service providers, mSpy dropped them to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

  5. Jane Doe

    is it even legal to use spy phone softwere?

  6. Jane Doe

    It is. When you sign up for the service, you need to accept Legal Terms and conditions, which are designed to comply with any legislation.

  7. Jane Doe

    awesome, he-he !))

  8. Jane Doe

    What is Jailbreak? Why do you need it to spy on iPhones?

  9. Jane Doe

    Jailbreak is basically a removal of software restrictions, which were imposed by Apple. On no account it is a bad or complicated thing – you just need to make sure your iOS version is supported. One of the reasons why I recommend mSpy is that it is one of those who offer phone tracking service even for iPhones without jailbreak – a super useful feature, I must say.

  10. Jane Doe

    does it work in USA only? what if I need to track outside USA?

  11. Jane Doe

    Some applications do have geographical restrictions, like Teensafe – they work exclusively in USA. But most don’t have such limitations and operate worldwide.

  12. Jane Doe

    Thank you! So hard to find an honest article among all the “Pick me! Buy me!” bs on the net.

  13. Jane Doe

    You’re welcome! :-)

  14. Jane Doe

    how I check it is on my phone?

  15. Jane Doe

    I appreciate your work. Ш signed for mSpy 2 days ago – delivered in 5 minutes, their customer representative guided me through installation, took me like 3-4 minutes (“Ok, click this… Ok, now click that… Great, tap “Finish”)

  16. Jane Doe

    Thank you for the feedback, Jon! PS & Spoiler alert: I wish you’d survived through the entire series (

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